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Trading Made Simple with Algo

We provide Next-generation Algo based Trading Signals for Multiple Markets (Crypto, Forex, Stock, Commodity )

Accurate & Easy to use

Multi market Support

Easier Trading.

Example Signal

Trade Smarter,
With the Next-Gen Algo

Our highly sophisticated Algorithm generates Trading Signals using Complex machine learning and huge amount of data set. Every signals is computed by doing intense calculation on historical data and filtered through multiple layers of "Signal Filter" algorithms, and confirmed trades are generated with appropriate Stop Loss and Take Profit Targets.


What We Offer

Our Next-Generation Algo based signals provides rich functionalities which makes trading easier for traders with no experience to highly experienced trades. 



Every Signal is generated with Simplicity in mind. Each signals includes Entry Price ranges, Stop Loss, Take Profit Targets, Capital to use, Leverage etc. 



Our Next-Generation Algorithm based signal is built for accuracy with extensive layers of filtering for every signal.

No other algo based signals are match to this. 


Multiple Markets

Trade your favourite market . Our algorithm supports every available market with the candlestick data. Get signal for Crypto, Forex, Stock, Commodity, Index etc.  


Stay Up to Date

Along with out Algo Signals we provide, extensive Crypto Market Analysis and Trades cherry picked by our Top Analysts. Never miss another Perfect Crypto Trade. 

VectorAlgo built by Traders and enginees

Built for Traders, by Traders & Engineers

Our trading algorithm is built based on the trading style of highly experienced traders who has consistant successfully trading careers over the year, the algorithm is built based on trading style and logic of experienced traders with the highly trained machined learning algo developed and tested over the year. 

Every trade is carefully tested against multiple filter to provide you with most accurate signals.

Algo Based Analysis

Support for all Market

No emotions Involved

Explore Our Pricing Options

We have designed our pricing to meet everyones needs, from beginners to experienced trades. Every plan is carefully designed to help you choose the plan which meet you requirements. 
Contact us if you have specific requirements.

Pay Using CryptoCurrency and Get 20% additional Subscription

  • Best Value

    Standard [12 Month]

    Get access to Crypto Signals for 12 months
    Valid for 12 months
    • Crypto Signals
    • Crypto Technical Analysis

What Our Clients Say

I have been trading for more than 10 year, i wanted a little extra confirmation for the trades i enter, these signals took away all the noises and provided a clear view on the market. Definetly worth every penny

Ben, jnx

Not gonna lie, i was skeptical about the performance and accuracy of the indicator before joining, but getting the vector algo subscription is the best decision i made. already up by 800$ in a week.


Thank you so much!!
My trade entries have been improved drastically and my portfolio started growing. 
No more worries about every position that enter. Thank you all. 


Get Ready to Improve Your Trading With Our Algo Solutions

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